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gretta vosper 

62 Orchard Park Drive 
Toronto, ON  M1E 3T7

Ordained, Bay of Quinte Conference, The United Church of Canada, 1992
Master of Divinity:   Queen’s Theological College, 1990 (recipient of numerous awards and scholarships)
Bachelor’s Degree:   BA, Mount Allison University, 1978 (not a single distinction)
Congregations Served:
 West Hill United Church, Toronto, 1997- present
 St. Matthew’s United Church, Toronto, 1992-1997
 St. Margaret’s United Church, Kingston, 1990-1992

Wider United Church experience
Co-Chair, Pastoral Relations, Oversight, and Development, 2007 - present
Pastoral Oversight, Toronto Scarborough Presbytery, 2000-2007
Chair, Toronto Scarborough Presbytery, 1999-2000
Division of Mission in Canada, Staff, 1994-1997
Editorial Committee, Women’s Concerns magazine, National, 1993-1997
Pastoral Oversight, Toronto South Presbytery, 1992-1997
Stewardship Committee, Chair, Kingston Presbytery, 1989-1991

Other experience:
Founder and Chair, Canadian Centre for Progressive Christianity, 2004-present, www.progressivechristianity.ca; CCPC provides a network, resources, and support for those exploring at and beyond the boundaries of Christian thought.
Founder and Chair, Scarborough East Community Analysis Group, 1998-2001.  SECAG presented its video and written reports analyzing the impact of the family shelter system on refugees, immigrants, and the community to all levels of government.  Its work helped result in the assignment of a Federal Minister responsible for homelessness and the identification of funds to assist in housing issues.

With or Without God: Why the Way We Live is More Important than What We Believe, HarperCollins Canada, 2008.
Holy Breath: Prayers for Worship and Reflection, Self-published, 2004. CCPC, 2008

The Observer
          "Pathways to Prayer", contributor, October, 2008
Progressions, Journal of the Canadian Centre for Progressive Christianity, 2005-present ,
          "Discover and Disruption"
          “Charting a Course for Change: Progressive Perspectives Come to Worship” 
          “Prayer: from Begging to Being;”
          “Disentangling Ourselves from Dogma: The Essential Emergence of Values.”
          “In the Midst of Loss, a Season of Gift.”
Women’s Concerns,      
          “What It Means to Be a Christian.”  Spring, 2006
          “Stole.”  Spring, 2006
          “(divine) Intervention,” inaugural issue, December 2005
Guest Columnist, Bishop John Shelby Spong’s weekly column,
          “Poised,” July 2005
United Church of Canada, Stewardship Services,
          Worship Resources, 1995, 1996
Public Speaking: (*Booked)

          *Common Dreams, Melbourne, Australia, April 2010
          *Some Are Called to Be; Montreal and Ottawa Conference, Stewardship Services, July 2009
          More Franchises, United Church of Canada, Toronto, ON, June, 2008; “Beyond God; The Next Inclusive Language Controversy”
          Religionless Christianity, Ottawa, ON, May 2006
          Barriers and Bridges, Oshawa, On, April 2005
          *Tatamagouche Centre, "Exploring Progressive Christianity.", NS, March, 2009
          Tatamagouche Centre, March 2008
          Calling Lakes Centre, Regina, Saskatchewan, "How Dare We", October 2007
          Calling Lakes Centre, Regina, Saskatchewan, "Reframing the Story", October 2007
          Calling Lakes Centre, Regina, Saskatchewan, "Are We Who We Say We Are?", October 2006
Public Lectures
          *Parksville United Church, Parksville, BC, April 2009
          *Exeter United Church, Stratford, Ontario, May 2009
          *Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Newmarket, Ontario, January 2009
           Windsor, Ontario, October, 2008
           Hillhurst United Church, Calgary, AB, June 2008
           Fairfield United Church, Victoria, BC, June 2008
           Vancouver Public Library, Victoria, BC, June 2008
           Memorial Hall, Kingston, On, May 2008
           Multifaith Centre, University of Toronto, Book Launch, May 2008
           Aurora United Church, Aurora, ON, April 2008
           Bedford United Church, Halifax, NS, March 2008
           Sackville United Church, Sackville, NB, March 2008
           First United, Port Credit, ON, November, 2007
           Kingston Public Library, Kingston, ON, September 2007
           First-St. Andrew's United Church, London, ON, November 2006
           "Daring to Ask", Barrie, ON, 2006
           Robertson-Wesley United Church, Edmonton, AB, 2006 
           St. Thomas' Anglican Church Lenten Series, Toronto, ON, 2006
           Thunder Bay, ON, 2006 “What Makes Me a Christian?”
           St. Margaret's and Sydenham Stree United Churches, Kingston, ON, February 2006 
           George Street United Church, Peterborough, ON, 2005
AM640, John Oakley Show, Weekly Panelist, Culture War Segment, May, 2008 - present
CJOB, Winnipeg, God Talk, David Balzer, June 2008
CBC Calgary, Wild Rose Country with Donna McElligott, June 2008
CFAX Victoria, Newsline with Joe Easingwood, June 2008
Studio 4, Shaw, Vancouver, with Fanny Kiefer, June 2008
CKLN Ryerson, Toronto, with Jean Hodgkinson, June 2008
CBC, The Current, National, April 2008
CFRB, Leslie Roberts Show, March 2008
News 95.6, Maritime Morning with Andrew Krystal, March 2008
Vision TV, Horizons, 2006 “Progressive Christianity.”  Host, John Sullivan.
CBC Radio, National, Tapestry, 2005 “God and Other Dirty Words.”  Documentary, Frank Faulk, Producer.
CJOB, Winnipeg, GodTalk, Host, David Balzer, Spring, 2005

Press Coverage:
"Christianity's Message Endures." Graeme Morton, Calgary Herald, July 2008
"God is Just a Mouse-click Away." Georgie Binks, CBCnews.ca, July 2008
"With the United Church Throw in the Towel?" Charlie Lewis, National Post, June 2008
"Minister Challenges Faithful to Rethink Concept of God." Graeme Morton, Calgary Herald, June, 2008
"Author Confronts Liberal Christians." Graeme Morton, Calgary Herald, May 2008.
"Christianity without Christ." Charlie Lewis, The National Post, April 2008
"Progressive Christians Duke it out in Print." Douglas Todd, Vancouver Sun, April 2008
"Taking Christ out of Christianity." Michael Valpy, The Globe and Mail, March 2008
"The Jesus Problem." Brian Bethune, Macleans cover article, March 2008
“Profile: Gretta Vosper.” Donna Sinclair, The United Church Observer, December, 2006.
“Out of the dogma house.” Jennifer Green, Ottawa Citizen, May 5, 2006.
 “Questions for Christians, Church rebel challenges Bible’s authority.” Mark Noble, Kingston Whig Standard, Feb 9, 2006.
“One Faith, Many Shades of Meaning.” Donna Sinclair, The United Church Observer, December 2005.
“Thinking Outside the Box.” Jennifer McPhee, The United Church Observer, February, 2005. (This article provoked a stream of letters to the editor which lasted for 12 months.)
 “Don’t Give Them Old-Time Religion.” Leslie Scrivener, Toronto Star, November 21, 2004.
“The Hope and Heartbreak of Motel People.” April Lindgren & Jacquie Miller, Ottawa Citizen, March 8, 1998.
“Progressive Christians as Neo-literalists: The drive for “intellectual integrity” in contemporary Christianity.”  Rebecca King, Master’s Thesis, Department of Religion, Queen’s University, 2005.

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