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Gretta Vosper was raised in the United Church and is now pastor of West Hill United in Scarborough, Ontario, where she "remains captivated" by the ministry being explored by the congregation. She has been growing the CCPC since its impressive launch in November of 2004. The Centre’s contact list has grown from a few isolated individuals in Ontario to include members in six denominations and every province across the country.

Gretta's notoriety grew following an article, “Believing Outside the Box,” published in The United Church Observer (Feb, 2005) in which her unorthodox beliefs about a non-interventionist God and the authority of the Bible were exposed. The article provoked a stream of letters to the Editor that continued for a full year alternately vilifying her or lauding her honesty. Several demands were made for her dismissal from her position as a minister in the United Church including an attempt by a colleague to convene a panel to question her about her beliefs, a process internationally renowned author Bishop John Shelby Spong, immediately labeled a heresy trial. Bishop Spong introduced Vosper to the readers of his weekly online column calling her “a brilliant, insightful and courageous young woman…one of the most exciting voices in 21st century Christianity” and “the leading voice for a scholarly and progressive Christianity” in Canada.

HarperCollins Canada has recently published Gretta's book With or Without God: Why the Way We Live is More Important that What We Believe. Met with both acclaim and vitriol by those inside and outside the church, With or Without God was listed as a Maclean's bestseller within a week of its release following the publication of the Easter weekend cover article “Jesus Has an Identity Crisis” which featured the book. She has appeared on two of the CBC’s national radio shows, Tapestry in 2006 and The Current in 2008, and on local talk shows across the country. She is a regular on the “Culture Wars” segment of the John Oakley Show on AM640 Talk Radio in Toronto. Her work has been featured in The Globe and Mail, The National Post, The Toronto Star, The Vancouver Sun, The Calgary Herald, The Kingston Whig-Standard, and The Ottawa Citizen and has taken the blogosphere by storm showing up on pages launched from Australia to the United Kingdom. A profile article on her appeared in The United Church Observer in December 2006 and a review of her book appeared in that magazine in its April 2008 issue. A sought after speaker, Gretta has led workshops in Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Nova Scotia and spoken at many conferences and engagements.

Gretta's partner, Scott Kearns, is the Music Director at West Hill United Church and a songwriter for the progressive movement. His music, found in the collection The Wonder of Life, is gaining in popularity across the country and in the US. It is available through the Canadian Centre for Progressive Christianity

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