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Christianity has been a recognized religion for over 1700 years (no, not the full 2,000 some would like you to believe). In that time, it has had enormous influence over the development of the world, society, and culture. Much of that influence has been phenomenally good. Much of that influence has been phenomenally bad.

It is time for Christianity, and all religious traditions, to identify positive, life-giving values that will create a future of cooperation and respect for all forms of life on the planet. It is time to assess religion's influence and then to work toward ensuring that influence to be as positive as it possibly can. For all our sakes.

Explore the conversations being engaged by groups within Christianity, Islam, Judaism, humanism and beyond as progressives within these religious and humanist organizations hammer out what sort of future faith groups might offer the world.

Canadian Centre for Progressive Christianity

The Centre for Progressive Christianity

Progressive Christian Network Britain

Progressive Christian Network Australia

Centre for Progressive Religious Thought, Australia

Open Christianity Network, Ireland

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