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Historically, West Hill United Church is a rather new congregation.  A small community church which voted to join The United Church of Canada in 1950, it sits on a corner of one of the former access routes into one of Canada's largest and most diverse cities, Toronto.  From that vantage point, West Hill has seen and experienced much -- the challenge of poverty in the midst of wealth; the sheltering of refugees from every situation of woe the world has coughed up over the past two decades; the reality of shame that haunts prostitutes and drug users alike as they struggle to survive in a bleak world; and the distance between what people want to be and what they become.  Perhaps it is these gritty realities of life that irritated the complacent faith of West Hill's congregants and challenged them to create a community of faith that practices the non-exclusive principles of compassionate living and right relationship with self, others, and the planet.

With or Without God is the offering of this community of faith to the community that surrounds it, the church in which it celebrates its ministry, and the faith that has shaped, provoked, and supported its members.